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Vanelli – Melbourne Portrait Photographer, Writer, Author, Educator and former Triple Crown Karate Champion

Vanelli is a diverse and accomplished professional with global influence in photography, education, writing, martial arts, and poetry.

Holding the prestigious Triple Crown in martial arts, he applies this disciplined approach to his sports and portrait photography. As the Director of Education for Skylum Software, creators of Luminar Neo, Vanelli enhances educational resources for photographers worldwide and is a sought-after speaker at major photography conferences.

He has developed educational programs like Click for Kids, authored the Luminar Neo user manual, and mentored numerous educators. His presence in multiple fields, including poetry, is rare, making his achievements particularly notable in each discipline he embraces.

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After a devastating theft of his entire computers and backup drives in 1997, Vanelli saw the value of the 3-2-1. Backup concept and has actively promoted this through numerous articles, talks and his first ebook — Building a Bulletproof Backup for Photographers.

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