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SHOOT THIS | EDIT THIS SERIES: Your Photographic Journey

Calling All Photographers: Join the Shoot this | Edit this : Your Photographic Journey Series!

I'm looking for photos to be displayed in the Shoot it | Edit it : Your Photographic Journey Series, featured on Coffee Break with Luminar and published on Photofocus. Choose your topics and upload by Sunday, July 23, 2023. Let's inspire and celebrate photography together!

The Skylum education team is supporting this event. To ensure that valuable technical support resources are not consumed, please refrain from reaching out to Skylum support for assistance. Instead, we encourage you to seek help from fellow insiders or ask questions during the Ask Me Anything segment of Coffee Break with Luminar.

- Rename your image using the following format: (c) Your Name Your_Topic. For example, if your name is John Smith and you chose landscape photography as your topic, the filename would be: (c) John Smith Landscape.
- Select your preferred topic from the series.
- Click the Happy uploading! link at the bottom of this page.
- Find the "Add Photos" button positioned at the top of the page.
- Follow the prompts to select your image file from your device.
- Wait for the upload to complete, and ensure that your image appears correctly in the gallery.

Unleashing the Drama in Black and White: Capturing and Editing Timeless Moments
Unveiling the Soul of Portraiture: Capturing and Editing the Essence of a Subject
Mastering the Art of Compelling Food Photography: Capturing and Editing the Irresistible Essence of Delicious Dishes
The Magic of Long Exposure: Capturing and Editing Time in Motion
Experiencing Life through Street Photography: Capturing and Editing the Essence of Everyday Life
Seeing The World in Macro: Capturing and Editing the Intricate Beauty in Detail
Exploring the Roar of Wildlife: Capturing and Editing the Essence of Wildlife Photography
Unleashing the Beauty of Landscapes: Capturing and Editing Nature's Timeless Majesty

We appreciate your contribution to the series and can't wait to see your fantastic photograph showcased in the Shoot it | Edit it: Your Photographic Journey Series. 
Happy uploading!

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